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by mira-everwood

[text: Everwood] If you thought I’d be interested 
                               in seeing these, you were wrong.

[text: Everwood] If you thought I wouldn’t send 
                               these to my entire house in 
                               retaliation, you were wrong.

[text: Everwood] Essentially, if you thought any
                               part of this little exchange was
                               in any way a good idea

[text: Everwood] You were wrong.

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bitch u r the half blood prat
fool me once || evan & sévérine


    ”Me being pleasant isn’t a trick. You attract more bees with honey…”


–– “The expression refers to flies, not bees, and it’s empirically false. Vinegar is a far more effective lure.”

–– “Also, though I’m sure this couldn’t have entirely escaped your notice, I am not an insect. Your proverbs hold no ground when it comes to me.”

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by shutuppxtter

[text: Lily Evans] I shouldn’t have to explain
                               this to you

[text: Lily Evans] But typically when two people
                               have decided to cease all commu-
                               nication between them

[text: Lily Evans] There is the unspoken agreement
                               that that includes the sending of
                               inappropriate photographs.

[text: Lily Evans] Please do not send me any more
                               pictures of your uneven breasts,
                               Miss Evans

[Text: Lily Evans] I was trying to enjoy dinner, and
                                you’ve rather put me off my food.

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.
Pride || Sévérine & Open

–– “Yes, I realise that you hardly expected to find someone of my talents working in a shop, but we can’t all have cushy Ministry jobs waiting for us as soon as we leave Hogwarts.”

–– “Now if you don’t mind, I’m meant to be restocking that shelf, and you’re rather in my way.”